Charlo becomes undisputed champion by KO

The four-belt junior middleweight unification bout between Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano resulted in a split draw after a thrilling match. Both guys were eager to make a statement in their rematch on Saturday night. Both competitors had spectacular moments in the ring. Before Jermell Charlo scored a knockout in Round 10 to become the undeniable champion of the category.

Castano’s late arrival at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, caused a delay at the beginning of the bout. With Jaron “Boots” Ennis finished the co-main event in two rounds. Castano needed time to wrap his hands, build up a sweat, and don his gloves.

If the delay in the fight’s start affected Jermell Charlo, he did not show it. Charlo instantly showed significant improvements in preparation for his July 2021 bout with Castano. Delivering a constant diet of jabs and being less willing to keep his back to the ropes as Castano advanced.

Castano would ultimately begin to find success with his forward movement, landing practical right hands to counter Charlo’s jab. As Castano’s success increased, Jermell Charlo countered with some powerful left hooks. Also, the action intensified considerably as both men landed terrible power punches.

As the battle entered the second half, Charlo’s mobility dominated. Castano had less luck letting go of his hands, and Charlo began to visibly focus on his attempts to hit a fight-changing left hook.

In the tenth round, Charlo landed a left hook that caused Castano to go to the ground via a delayed knockdown. While Castano beat the count, Charlo charged with a fight-ending barrage culminating with an uppercut and a left hook to the body. The bout concludes a two-fight contest where both men displayed amazing heart and skill, but Charlo emerges with four world titles at 154 pounds.

Charlo said no when asked if the delay harmed him

Jermell Charlo stated, “You know, I’m just getting into the battle.” “It does not bother me to be late. I don’t care who arrives first. Once I reach this location, I must engage in sexual activity.”

After the fight, Charlo and Castano exchanged pleasantries. Castano stated that the only difference between a draw and a knockout loss was “that he hit me.”

Having won all four world titles at 154 pounds. Jermell Charlo stated that he might seek to achieve the same at a heavier weight class in the future.

“This is heritage,” remarked Jermell Charlo. “This is an item of legendary status. I’m a legend. Thank goodness. I haven’t done, dog. I may increase my weight to 160 to see if I can do it again.”

The problem with any prospective middleweight takeover is that Charlo’s twin brother Jermall currently has the WBC world title at 160 pounds.

Elsewhere on the card, emerging welterweight phenom Jaron “Boots” Ennis defeated former Olympian Custio Clayton with a brutal knockout. The jab of Ennis dominated the early stages of the contest. Then, in Round 2, Clayton sought to avoid Ennis’s approaching fire but was struck with a right hand behind the ear. Ennis’ record improved to 29-0 with 27 knockouts.

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