Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, registering with OKBET account is a snap. It may also facilitate the opening of a betting account. In addition, you may save time and effort by making your bets immediately after completing the brief registration process. 

Visit the OKBET website to register for an account (



A sign-up form with the following information may display upon clicking:


Referral Code

Because not all players possess this reference code, its completion is optional. However, if a buddy gives you a token of encouragement, you may include it on the form. You might also have this and distribute referral codes to interested players to earn an OKBET bonus.



For the website to authenticate your request, you must provide a unique username (if the username had taken, it appears on the screen).




When establishing a password, use a combination of tiny and capital letters, a unique character, and a number. To protect your OKBET account, use a strong and unique password.


Confirm Password 


Please enter the password again to see whether they match.


Withdrawal Pin


Enter your withdrawal PIN. You may use it to withdraw your profits if you win a wager.


Number of your Mobile Phone


Give your active mobile phone number to get account updates and notifications.


SMS verification code

After inputting your active mobile phone, you will get a verification code to connect your mobile number to your OKBET account. 

You will get an SMS verification code after providing your phone number. Then, input the code and click the registration button.

Consequently, you are now a member of OKBET. You may now log in to access your account. 

How to Deposit at OKBET

Registration with OKBET will guide you through the depositing procedure and make it as simple as possible. Let’s start with the OKBET deposit process. In addition, the strategies listed below may make things simpler for you.

Explore the OKBET site (

Proceed to the sign-in page.

Click the “Login” button after entering your username and password.


You have arrived at the OKBET homepage. Then, at the top of the OKBET website, choose deposit on the right.


The following information appears on your screen whenever you press the deposit button:

Transfer and Recharge record


To make a deposit, please visit Transfer. If you want to review your deposited transaction, choose “Recharge record.”



When you click one of the links, you will be redirected to a website containing a list of banks and e-wallets. The screen may also display a bank/e-wallet card. 


The account number and name must be copied and pasted into the Top-up information field.


Top-up information:

Top-up amount

Enter the amount of the deposit.

Verified name

You may enter your verified name into the Bankcard or copy and paste the given information.

Bank card number

Enter or copy and paste your bank account number from your bank card.

Top-up time

Please enter the date and time of your deposit, or use the calendar on the right to pick it up.

Current balance

In this area, your current balance will be automatically shown. In addition, it will tell if you have residual cash or need to make a deposit.


Then, confirm your deposit by clicking “Submit,” and you’re done.

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How to Withdraw from OKBET

At OKBET registration, withdrawing your funds is not a difficulty. Let’s begin by reading the following manuals:

Start by going to the OKBET website (

To reach the login page, go right. After entering your OKBET account, you must click the login button.

Click on “My Profile.”

Click “My Details.”

The words “Enter your personal information” may show on-screen. Then, enter your valid name in the blank and click the “Submit” button.

Once the message “personal information was successfully edited” shows on the screen, click the Withdraw button.


The section for withdrawal may then display on the screen. Following that is the following:


Bank card and e-Wallet

If you pick a bank card or an electronic wallet, you must bind your card by selecting “adding name.”

When you click “adding a name,” the following may appear on your screen:

  • Cardholder’s name
  • Select the bank
  • Bank card number
  • Withdrawal password
  • Opening bank branch
  • Submit

Fill out all needed fields before hitting the submit button.

Click “confirm” under the quotation marks when you see “Your update is complete, back card success.”

In addition, you will observe the Withdrawal Information:

  • The withdrawal bank
  • Withdrawal amount
  • Current balance: Automatic display
  • Total withdrawal: Automatic display
  • Sevice fee: Automatic display
  • Withdrawal password
  • Submit

Finally, enter the withdrawal bank, withdrawal amount, and password, click “Submit,” and the funds will be removed from your OKBET account.

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