OKBET provides a bonus for every player’s deposit

How does it work?

1. Interested players must be active and verified members of OKBET.

2. The unlimited 5% bonus is applicable for every player deposits a minimum of Php300.

Sample Deposit
5% Bonus
Php 300.00 - minimum deposit
Php 15.00
Php 1,000.00
Php 50.00
Php 32,000.00
Php 1,600.00 - maximum bonus

3. The minimum amount that can be withdraw is Php1,000.

4. In order to withdraw the rebates, players should be play x3 turnover.


Example 1:

Php 300.00 (deposit) + Php 15.00 (5% bonus) = Php 315.00

Php 315.00 (deposit + bonus) x 3 (turnover) = Php 945.00

(Php 945 cannot be withdrawn as the minimum withdrawal amount is Php 1,000.00)

Example 2:

Php 1,000.00 (deposit) + Php 50.00 (5% bonus) = Php 1,050.00

Php 1,050.00 (deposit + bonus) x 3 (turnover) = Php 3,150.00

(Php 3,150.00 can be withdrawn as the minimum withdrawal amount is Php 1,000.00)


5. This promotion turnover calculations exclude the following:

Terms and Conditions

• This promotion is only valid for bet on Soccer/Football (Except Lay Correct Score).

• In accordance with PAGCOR Rules and Regulations, all newly registered players shall ensure one thousand (Php 1,000.00) in their account as security deposit which they can used after thirty days (30 Days).

• Employees of the company and their relatives up to second degree affinity, gaming site operators, banned personalities, and the government officials or employees are not eligible to join the promo.

• Incase of any fraudulent or suspicious activities, OKBET has the right to terminate the player’s account and forfeit winnings or bonuses.

• OKBET reserves the right to amend,cancel,reclaim or refuse any prize at its sole and absolute discretion, subject to PAGCOR approval. OKBET’s decisions in all matters pertaining to this promo are final.

• All marketing materials and prizes (Minimum of Php 15.00 and Maximum of Php 3,000.00) will be shouldered by OKBET.

• General OKBET Terms & Conditions apply