Step up your game with our beginner’s guide to Tennis betting

How To Bet ON Tennis For Beginners

Tennis Betting in the philippine

Get started with betting on tennis with our comprehensive tennis betting guide for beginners. Learn the basics, including different types of bets, player analysis, and tips for success. Start making informed bets today!

The Basics of Tennis Betting

Because there is no tie in tennis, betting on the sport takes on a slightly different feel than that of other ball games. Tennis is played on a rectangular court with one or two players on opposite sides of a net. A match lasts anywhere from three to five games. The goal of both teams is to score more points than the other side.


When betting on a men’s or women’s tennis match, you back the player you think will come out on top. Some other possibilities include the first to a certain score, with or without margins or handicaps. If you make a correct forecast, you’ll get the possible payout.


You may easily select your chosen tennis game by browsing the library’s extensive collection in accordance with key events or nations. Selecting the game and market, then deciding on a wager and placing it, is all that’s necessary.

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How to Read Tennis Odds

With the help of the odds, you may estimate how much you can expect to win if your wager is successful. Based on a number of factors, they differ greatly between different markets for sports betting. If you want to make a smart bet, you need to be able to understand the odds.


The odds provided by most bookies are typically displayed as decimals or fractions. You may easily calculate your projected win by multiplying the decimal odds by your stake. Conversely, the chances of winning may be seen in fractional odds. To illustrate, if a player’s odds are 10/1, it means they have a 1 in 10 chance of winning. The man knows how to count cards. (B (A+B) = Win Percentage) As a result, the odds of victory are 1 (10+1) = 11%.

Types of Common Tennis Bets and How They Work

Betting on tennis matches allows you to choose from a number of different markets. In order to select the best market for your prediction, you must have a solid grasp of the various betting options available. We’ll go through some of the most well-known ones and how to bet on them below.

Match Betting

Match bets are comparable to Moneyline and outright bets. Here, though, rather than picking the champion of the whole tournament, your focus is on a single match. As was previously said, you have to choose between the two players without any chance of a tie.

The probabilities for each side are according to the projected result. It’s common for the odds on the favorite to be lower than those on the underdog. Nonetheless, the presence of favorable odds does not guarantee victory for any party. For illustration, consider the following. James Belt (2.35 odds) takes against Wallace Watson (3.21 odds) and you must choose a winner. This betting method is the simplest there is.

Set Betting

Set betting involves betting on who will win the single game and how each set will go. To put it simply, betting on two possible outcomes in a tennis set improves your chances of winning. Set bets may look like this, for instance, if Albert Montana is playing Santiago Giraldo:

Albert Montana to win 2-1
Albert Montana to win 2-0
Santiago Giraldo wins 2-1
Santiago Giraldo wins 2-0

In a best-of-three set match, bookmakers set a line for each of the six potential outcomes. The odds on this bet are higher than those on a simple win or set victory.


Scorecast bets often include predicting the precise set score and the likely winner. When betting on an option, though, you are essentially betting on two outcomes, therefore the odds are greater than they would be in most other tennis markets. Yet, the risks involved are greater than in other markets.

Options for each set are typically listed on scorecast marketplaces. Betting on many sets at once is therefore an option. So, to illustrate: Pella and Giraldo are Guido Pella and Santiago. Here are the possible outcomes, complete with final scores and victorious teams.

Santiago Giraldo 6-0 2.5 | Guido Pella 6-1 3.04
Santiago Giraldo 6-1 2.01 | Guido Pella 6-2 3.45
Santiago Giraldo 6-2 2.62 | Guido Pella 6-3 4.01

Tennis Accumlator/Parlay

Accumulators in tennis are a type of parlay bet. In order to improve your chances of winning and receive larger payments, you mix multiple bets. However, the stakes are raised as a result of this. The good news is that you can still win respectable sums if you put in the time and effort required for a comprehensive study. Match bets are a popular option for tennis accumulators, but you are free to choose from any market.

When all of the events on a betslip have ended, the accumulator bets are paid out. If you lose only once, you forfeit your whole investment. However, if you place certain types of accumulator bets with some bookmakers, they may give insurance in the form of free bets or payback alternatives if you lose money. Some allow you to pay out your wins before the final choices have been made.

Handicap Betting

The odds on the outrights or matches are often better when using a handicap or a spread bet. Bets on the margin of victory or defeat are an alternative to straight moneyline bets when a favorite is heavily favored, like when a good player faces a lesser opponent.

In handicap betting, as the name implies, the odds of the weaker team are increased in order to provide a level playing field for them before the start of the game. Here’s a case in point. Possible game probabilities include:

Player 1 +2.5
Player 2 -2.5

Over/Under Betting

The over/under bet is often placed on the total number of sets for each match. You’re not wagering on who will win, but rather on how long the match will last. Over/under 3.5 is a common wager in this area.

You bet on the under market if you think the tennis match will be decided in two sets, and you bet on the over market if you think it will take more than two sets to decide the winner. As a general rule, the odds are not fair and lean toward one option over the other.

So, how exactly does live betting on Tennis work?

You may bet on a tennis match both before and after it begins. Live betting refers to betting in real time during a sporting event. The sportsbook moves the game to the “live” or “in-play” betting area as soon as the action begins.


Visit the live betting area, select the game you want to bet on, and then select the market you want to use. All of the marketplaces that were available before the game are now accessible during the game. Some players, depending on their stats or how much time has passed, may be eliminated from the game. Betting sites typically update their information in real time, so you can see how things are going and make educated predictions.

Tips and Strategies when Betting on Tennis

Betting on tennis is all about generating informed predictions and employing a solid tennis betting strategy to increase your odds of winning. Here are some tennis betting strategies that will improve your long-term success and likelihood of right predictions.


Betting on tennis should be viewed as a business and efforts should be made to maximize profits. This section gives some actionable advice that may be implemented immediately to improve your winning percentage and long-term financial success. Several hints can be used simultaneously.

Keep an eye out for the highest possible betting odds

Bets can be placed on a number of different outcomes in tennis. Betting odds might change from one market to another. It’s possible that a given forecast might apply to several different industries.

If you want to bet on tennis, you should choose the market with the best odds and stick with them. This raises your odds of winning without requiring you to wager more money or play more games. Many gamblers focus just on match bets, ignoring other potentially profitable markets that may provide much bigger returns.

Here’s a case in point. If you think your player will win, you may boost your chances of winning by giving them a handicap. The odds on a handicap are often better than those on a straight up wager.

Make use of matched betting and arbitrage betting

Backing a position or prediction while laying against it is known as arbitrage betting. In essence, you are placing a bet on every potential outcome, turning a victory into a loss. This wager has nothing to do with chance or foresight, and instead is based only on mathematical advantages.

Bettors engaging in matched betting take advantage of bookmaker incentives in a manner analogous to arbitrage. Take advantage of matched or arbitrage betting chances in a tennis match to ensure a profit.

Pay Attention to Tennis Bettors and Their Predictions

There are a number of online bookmakers, each with their own set of predictions. As the games approach, experts provide their predictions on who will shine and who will struggle. Consider following a wide range of experts and bookmakers so that you may benefit from their unique perspectives, facts, and predictions.

Observe the Field Conditions Very Carefully

The results of a game are influenced by the field on which it is played. When playing on a hard court, for instance, the ball bounces low and the rallies are brief. A clay court, on the other hand, provides for a more powerful bounce and a slower ball speed. Rallies will now last longer as a result of this.

Some athletes perform better on some courts than they do on others. To gauge how well they will do in the forthcoming game, it is helpful to know where they often excel. You may see the data and the landscape for yourself by going online.

Do Not Forget to Track your Betting Record

Like was previously mentioned, treat betting as a business and keep track of your winnings and losses. If you keep track of your wins and losses, as well as the markets you have the most success predicting and managing your bankroll, you may learn a lot about your betting habits and improve over time. In the account history section of your bookmaker’s website, you may review your past bets.

Don’t hesitate to take small wins and profits

Most gamblers aim to significantly boost their income and take home large sums. It’s great that this has happened, but you could only be lucky enough to experience it once. However, even with ordinary bets and odds, you may generate a constant stream of cash through betting. Eventually, you’ll find that this sum has grown significantly and that your gaming activity is profitable.

Frequently Ask Questions

Sign into your sportsbook account and navigate to the tennis sub-section of the sports menu if you want to bet on tennis matches. Select the game by scrolling down to the appropriate league or nation. Select the markets you want to bet on, input your bet, and submit the bet money.

There is no “best” market. The odds and the market should be in line with your expectations in a healthy market. However, if you want to maximize your potential earnings, you should only bet in markets that provide the best odds.

Grand Slam events including the Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, The Davis Cup, WTA Finals, Summer Olympics, and ATP Finals are among the most popular tennis tournaments on which to place a bet. The Miami Open and the BNP Paribas are two further well-known tournaments.