Andrew Wiggins returns to the Warriors and gets back into shape

Andrew Wiggins, a swingman who used to be an All-Star and hasn’t played since February 13, could play later this week.

Andrew Wiggins took a long break from the Warriors when his family needed him. Now, the Golden State forward feels like he can go back to playing basketball for the defending NBA champions.

Wiggins has come back to the team and is getting better so he can play again. Coach Steve Kerr said Tuesday that won’t happen in the next few days.

Wiggins smiled his trademark smile and had his hair cut shorter. He said that it needed a little bit of cleaning up.

Andrew Wiggins said, “When you’re in a certain situation and your family needs you, they need your attention and love. That’s my top priority.” “My family comes first in everything I do, including my job. That’s how it will always be. I felt like I could come back to this place. We’ve settled everything, not completely, but enough so that I can come back.”

Wiggins was grateful for the Warriors’ help

Which let him be with his family during a tough time. Wiggins thanked everyone who respected his privacy and said he is ready to play basketball again.

“I’d rather keep that quiet,” Wiggins said when asked about the details of what happened to his family.

He was able to shoot and lift weights on a regular basis, but he said he will need to get back in shape. When Wiggins has built up enough strength and endurance to go back into a game, the medical staff will help decide.

Wiggins was supposed to miss his 23rd straight game Tuesday night against Oklahoma City. He hasn’t played since Feb. 13 against Washington, but he said he expects to play again soon. No one has said what Wiggins was dealing with or when he would be back, but Kerr said last week that he was still hopeful that Wiggins would be back before the end of the season.

“Seeing my brother is great!” What Klay Thompson said.

“Big Wiggs is back, yeah!” said Gary Payton II.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers and head coach Steve Kerr, as well as Wiggins himself, thanked everyone who let Wiggins do his business without being bothered or feeling pressured about basketball. Wiggins always found time to watch games.

“What sometimes gets lost in professional sports is that the players are real people with lives and families,” Myers said. “I know that sounds obvious, but it does happen.” “But when you work here, at least the way we do it, you get to know Andrew as a person, not just as a 20-point scorer. So when someone you know or work with is going through something, your first thought is, “How can I help?” Are you OK? “Do you need anything?” In this case, Andrew had to go somewhere else. We wanted to help him with whatever he needed.”

The Warriors will be glad to have him on their team as they try to get into the playoffs in the Western Conference and avoid the play-in round.

“Seeing Andrew today was great. “We’ve missed him for the last couple of months,” Kerr said. ”… Everyone loves Andrew, so it’s great to have him back.”

Kerr said that he should know more about when Wiggins might be able to play and how many minutes that might be in the next couple of days.

“There’s no way he’s going to play in the next few days,” Kerr said, not knowing yet what Wiggins’ role would be.

Wiggins has missed a total of 43 games: three more with soreness in his left foot, ten with a strained adductor in his right thigh, and seven with an illness that wasn’t COVID.

The 28-year-old Wiggins was an All-Star for the first time last season and signed a four-year contract extension in October. In 37 games this season, he is averaging 17.1 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.

The Warriors never doubted that they should give Wiggins the time off he needed.

Kerr said, “This one was really easy; it’s just being human.” Explore here at to get the latest NBA news and updates on your favorite teams and players.

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