Jaylen Brown Taunt Haunts Celtics in OT Loss to Warriors

Jaylen Brown Taunt Haunts Celtics in OT Loss to Warriors

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s 132-126 overtime defeat to the Warriors at Chase Center, the Boston Celtics reflect on several key moments from the game, especially the taunt of Jaylen Brown.

One notable instance involved a celebration by star shooting guard Jaylen Brown, who, in hindsight, did not age well. At a juncture when Boston was ahead 81-70 against the Golden State Warriors with 6:13 left in the third quarter, Brown, pitted against Warriors guard Steph Curry, maneuvered into the paint. Successfully scoring the basket over Curry, he earned a foul in the process.

Following the mismatch, the 6-foot-6 Brown opted for the “too small” celebration, emphasizing the difference in height between himself and the 6-foot-2 Curry.

Rare Footage of Jaylen Brown “Too Small” on Curry

The Celtics’ official account on X, previously known as Twitter, shared a picture of Brown’s celebration. However, Warriors and NBA fans quickly outnumbered the likes with their reactions.

Celtics Star Credits Warriors, Own Up to Mistakes Post-Game

Speaking with reporters post-game, Brown played down the significance of his celebration and credited Curry and Klay Thompson for their crucial shots in the fourth quarter and overtime that contributed to Boston’s loss.

Brown explained, “It’s just basketball, competing. When there’s a mismatch, I’ll take advantage. We planned to exploit that more, but they did well hiding it, and it cost us. We need to figure out how to capitalize on those moments.”

He acknowledged defensive lapses, saying, “We got a bit stagnant on defense when we should have been more aggressive. They took advantage, making tough shots. Klay hit a big three, and then Steph followed with another. But they’re some of the game’s best shooters, so that it can happen, and we need to improve.”

Reflecting on their experience in the 2022 NBA Finals, Brown and the Celtics recognize the formidable capabilities of Curry and the Warriors, learning another tough lesson on Tuesday night.

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