Klay Thompson is allegedly expecting a max contract, and the Warriors will almost certainly have to make an offer

Klay Thompson is allegedly expecting a max contract, and the Warriors will almost certainly have to make an offer

Golden State’s salary might eventually exceed $500 million because of Re-contract signing of Klay Thompson and others.

As the Golden State Warriors begin their quest for a fifth championship in nine years, they are also approaching an organizational crossroads. How much is Joe Lacob ready to spend to keep this dynastic core together as Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson approach the conclusion of their primes?

With the new collective bargaining agreement making big spenders like Golden State even more penalized, not only by crippling tax bills but also by If the Warriors decide to re-sign Green and Thompson on max contracts despite potentially losing access to taxpayer midlevel exception signings, their payroll may top $500 million, taxes included.

And it appears that’s exactly what they’ll have to do.

Adrian Wojnarowksi of ESPN’s pregame program stated Saturday night that Thompson “expects to be rewarded with a new max-level contract deal this offseason.”

Klay Thompson has one year remaining on his five-year, $190 million max deal inked in 2019

He is available to negotiate an extension this summer. It’s difficult to argue that he hasn’t earned it. Thompson is back to his pre-injury form this season, becoming only the 3rd player in NBA history to make over 300 3pointers in a single season.

Having said that, the NBA is a futures market. Not just with Klay Thompson, but also with Green, the Warriors are attempting to judge how horrible the tail end of these agreements may appear.

But I don’t think they can let these players go with the way they’re playing, even with the possibility of a sharp downturn in the middle of a massive deal. Draymond Green, who has a $27 million player option for next season but will almost certainly have suitors this summer who will force Golden State to pay him, demonstrated in Saturday’s Game 1 loss to Golden State, as he has all year, that he remains an great defender and offensive orchestrator who is uniquely necessary in Golden State’s system. Thompson, as previously said, has returned to All-Star status.

With Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole all signed long-term deals, Lacob has a great opportunity to keep this title-chasing train going. Despite all his bluster and loud aspirations to field a great squad year after year, he will never hear the end if he decides to cheap out now, especially with no real way of replacing these men.

My best guess? Thompson receives the maximum contract. Or anything extremely similar. Green is the same. And the Golden State Warriors will take two or three more current-core shots at another ring, including this postseason.

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