NBA Confirms Series of Critical Missed Calls in Lakers vs Nuggets Game 4

NBA Confirms Series of Critical Missed Calls in Lakers vs Nuggets Game 4

The NBA has issued the Last Two Minute Report for the decisive Game 4 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets, which details many key missed calls in the game’s last minutes.

With 1:36 left in the fourth quarter, the 1st missed call in the Last Two Minute Report was made. The NBA thinks the official call of a kicked-ball violation against Lakers player Rui Hachimura was wrong. To the league’s official ruling: “After Hachimura’s (LAL) arm cleanly dislodges the ball during the pass attempt, the ball deflects off of Rui Hachimura’s right leg, and Rui Hachimura does not intentionally kick it.”

Refereeing Controversy Mars Lakers vs. Nuggets Game 4: Missed Calls Favor Denver

Jamal Murray threw the ball out of bounds with 56.7 seconds left, but the referees failed to call an offensive foul on him. The NBA explained the ruling like this: “Possession is awarded to Denver.” However, Murray (DEN)’s left hand is the last thing the ball touches before it goes out of bounds. Reaves makes no contact. Therefore, Los Angeles should have been given possession.

With 27 seconds left, the third and final missed call was mainly irrelevant because it occurred on LeBron James’ side of the backboard on a jump shot. The league ruled that it should have been a shot clock violation rather than a continuation of play because Michal Porter Jr. grabbed the rebound while the shot clock expired. Denver would still have gotten the ball even if this were accurately called.

It’s crucial to remember that these assessments only examine plays that occurred during that time window, so even if the NBA conceded some key missed calls in the last two minutes of Game 4, it’s still vital to keep that in mind. In this fashion, missed calls from earlier in the game are not reported.

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