NBA Investigates Ref Eric Lewis for Alleged Burner Account

NBA Investigates Ref Eric Lewis for Alleged Burner Account

Legendary NBA referee Eric Lewis allegedly utilized a fake identity, or “burner account,” to protect himself from online trolls. It sounds like he’ll be defending himself against the NBA now.

NBA Launches Inquiry into Referee Eric Lewis’ Alleged Burner Account, Reports by Marc Stein and ESPN.

The offending account’s name and username were “Blair Cuttliff” and “@CuttliffBlair.” On Thursday, fans began to take note of the account’s tendency to support Lewis and other NBA officials; one account even compiled a video showcasing a sampling of the tweets.

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers were a regular and particularly troublesome adversary for the account. Lewis was the official that was engaged in what was the most amusing technical foul of the season. At the time, Patrick Beverley, who was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He had angered Lewis by seizing a photographer’s camera in order to show him evidence of a missed call.

Beverley and LeBron James, who played together for the Lakers in the past. They both commented on the news regarding Lewis on Saturday.

Lebron James and Pat Beverly Tweeted

According to rumors, one of the reasons the NBA would be against a referee having a burner account is due to a regulation that forbids officials from making public comments about refereeing without the league’s express permission. In addition, if Lewis is found to be the author of the tweets, he may be subject to reprimand.

According to his NBA resume, Lewis is in his 19th season as an NBA referee and has officiated 1,098 regular season games and 82 playoff games.

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