Nike Takes a Stand: Bold Move by the Brand Following Ja Morant’s Gun Incident

Nike Takes a Stand: Bold Move by the Brand Following Ja Morant's Gun Incident

After yet another gun-related incident that he broadcast on Instagram Live, Memphis Grizzlies, player Ja Morant finds himself in legal trouble. When the NBA looks into the incident, he will not allow to participate in team activities. To make matters even more complicated, it would appear like Nike is retaliating against Ja.

TMZ reports that the firm has removed all his new sneakers from their online store. However, you can still get them from several other stores, like Dicks Sporting Goods and Flight Club, among others. Nevertheless, Nike is attempting to get their point over in this situation.

Ja Morant’s Signature Shoe Success Amidst Ongoing Controversies and Potential Season Suspension

On April 19th, Morant’s first signature shoe was made available to the public, and since then, they have been selling like hotcakes. Later this month, there will also be a brand-new shade available. So at least for the time being, we can say that.

The two-time All-Star player has been making headlines recently for the wrong reasons. The first incident occurred in Denver at the close of the regular season when he was caught on camera brandishing a pistol, which led to an eight-game suspension. Even though he apologized and claimed to have learned from his error, Ja Morant recently repeated the same thing as he was driving around with his companion.

Regarding the league’s investigation, Adam Silver has already stated that he is bracing for the worst, assuming that Ja might be hit with significant punishment for the 2023–2024 season. We’re probably talking about a total of forty games here.

The endorsement in Jeopardy: Ja Morant’s Actions Threaten Relationship with Nike

Morant is regarded as one of Nike’s top NBA stars after signing a massive contract in 2019. However, following this new IG Live debacle, that endorsement arrangement may be in peril. Nike is well aware that many aspiring young ballplayers look up to the 23-year-old. However, there may be more ramifications because he is not now providing a good example.

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