Stephen Curry Misses Starter on NBA All Star Western Team

Stephen Curry Misses Starter on NBA All Star Western Team

Dub Nation is shocked that Stephen Curry didn’t make it as a starter in the All-Star game, even though he’s been amazing. It will be his tenth time playing in the All-Star game, but this time as a substitute. People expect him to play amazingly well and win the MVP, just like in 2022 when he made a record with 16 three-pointers and scored 50 points.

It’s confusing because Curry, who has been named league MVP twice, is currently averaging 27.3 points per game with a 45% shooting accuracy, giving out five assists per game and shooting 40% from three-point range. Despite all that, he didn’t get enough votes from other players and the media to be one of the starting players for the Western Conference.

Here Are the Votes That Make Stephen Curry Not a Starter

Even though Stephen Curry didn’t make it as an All-Star starter, his fans are sticking with him. Surprisingly, his jersey is best-selling at the NBA Store for the first half of the 2023-2024 season. How he’s changed the game of basketball has struck a chord with the fans.

The Jersey of Curry Is Still the Best Selling Jersey

Let’s check out Stephen Curry’s track record in jersey sales over the years, according to Hoops Hype (and he’s always stayed below #7, by the way!).

  • 2023: #2
  • 2022: #3
  • 2021: #7
  • 2020: #6
  • 2019: #2
  • 2018: #1
  • 2017: #1
  • 2016: #1
  • 2015: #2
  • 2014: #5

Curry has been a jersey-selling legend for a while, consistently ranking high. His stronghold on the All-Star game votes seems to be easing up a bit, especially with younger talents like Luka Doncic and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander making waves.

Even though it feels a bit off that Curry won’t be announced as a starter in Indiana in February, fans can still expect him to bring the heat off the bench.

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