Unless the Dallas Mavericks turn things around, Luka Doncic has a shot at becoming one of the NBA’s all-time leading scorers to not make the playoffs

Dallas Mavericks on Luka Doncic

Dallas is in 11th position despite Luka Doncic’s 32.9 ppg average.

The Dallas Mavericks and Luka Doncic are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs at this point. There are still six games left in the regular season, and they are now 11th in the West. Their record is identical to that of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are in the eighth and final playoff slot at the moment.

With a talent like Luka Doncic, missing out on the playoffs might be disastrous

It might be disastrous if the team collapses after acquiring a new great player and ends up missing the playoffs. If they finish behind the New Orleans Pelicans (who have been missing Zion Williamson for most of the season) and the rebuilding Oklahoma City Thunder, they may not even make the play-in round.

Luka Doncic’s long-term commitment to Dallas may be weakened by a loss. Many a superstar has left for reasons much less serious than losing the playoffs. One of the top players in the league is having a prime season wasted on them.

This season, Luka Doncic is averaging 32.9 points per game. Since Tiny Archibald 50 years ago, no player has failed to make the playoffs while averaging more than 33 points per game. There have been only five players in NBA history with a 32 point per game average who did not make the playoffs.

Now for the breakdown:

  • Even though Stephen Curry averaged 32.0 points per game that season, the Warriors still managed to finish eighth in the West and were eliminated in the play-in round.
  • Bernard King averaged 32.9 points per game for the Knicks in 1984-85, the team nevertheless went 58-104.
  • Allen Iverson scored 33 points on average per game for the 76ers in 2005-2006, when they had a 38-44 record. That was his last full season with the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Tiny Archibald led the NBA in scoring (34.0 points per game) and assists (11.4 per game) in 1972-73, but the Kings ended 10 games under.500.
  • There is also Wilt Chamberlain. In 1962–1963, he scored 44.8 points and grabbed 24.3 rebounds per game, but the Warriors lost 31–49.

NBA players with the most PPG who missed the playoffs

Wilt Chamberlain44.8196-63 Warriors
Tiny Archibald34.01972-73 Kings
Allen Iverson33.02005-06 76ers
Bernard King32.91984-85 Knicks
Stephen Curry32.02020-21 Warriors

Dallas Mavericks would probably not make it to the playoffs

Dallas’ performance since acquiring Kyrie Irving has made it all but certain that the team would miss the postseason. Since Irving’s debut, the team is 8-13, including 4-8 when both Doncic and Irving are on the court at once. In that time, they dropped from fifth to eleventh in the West, and their chances of making the playoffs went from 58% to 15%, according to simulations done by SportsLine.

Over the weekend, they touched rock bottom when they were swept by the lowly Charlotte Hornets by combined score differentials of minus-16 and -12.5.

Although they got back on track with a win in Indiana on Monday, the rest of their road trip features contests against two other Eastern Conference playoff candidates (the Heat and the Hawks).

The Dallas Mavericks are in the bottom 10 in defensive rating and haven’t improved with Irving, so even if Doncic puts up monster offensive numbers, it might not be enough to salvage the franchise.

The potential of Doncic missing a pivotal game for Dallas is obviously a concern

The Dallas Mavericks nearly lost a game on Monday after he was called for his 16th technical foul, but the ban was overturned.

In the last week and a half of the regular season, one of the most intriguing storylines will be the Dallas Mavericks’ precipitous fall from postseason contention. The fact that Doncic may end himself on the wrong side of history further emphasizes how terrible that would be. Explore here at toponlinesportsbetting.ph to get an update on the latest NBA news and updates for your favorite teams and players.

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