ACCA BOOST DitoBet Bonus and Promotions


Register with 1xBet and place Multiple bets, increasing your chance of winning by up to 20% or €20,000


Take part in our lucky day numbers raffle and win 500 promo points!

How does it work?

Place a Multiple bet on at least 5 selections.


Minimum odds for each selection – 1.8.


And we will boost your winnings up to 20%.


ACCA BOOST Bonus percentages are as follows:

The ACCA BOOST Bonus is transferred to your account at the same time as your winning.


Your Bonus will be calculated according to the example below:


If you placed a bet of €10 on 5 selections each of min 1.8 odds; for example, the total bet slip odds is 18.9. So, your winning is boosted by 7% in CASH.


You will net win €189 + €12.53 of CASH boosted winnings.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is available to all Ditobet users.


This offer is valid only if it is placed with the Player’s real balance and the Accumulator bet’s stake amount is min €1.00.


All selections in the bet slip must meet the Promotion’s terms (odds 1.8 or higher). The bonus will be calculated for the number of qualifying selections in the bet slip. For example: if a bet with 6 selections contains 1 selection with odds of less than 1.8 then the bonus for this bet will match the bonus for a 5-selection bet. If there are 5 selections in the bet slip, one of which has odds less than 1.8, such an Accumulator bet will not qualify.


Bets placed with free bets do not participate in this promotion.


Selections can be placed on all sports pre-match or live on all types of bets.


This promotion offer is valid only for  Multiple/Accumulator/Express/Combo bets.


Multiple bets placed that have used the Cash-out feature do not participate in this promotion.


Bets for which the Edit Bet feature has been used will be calculated taking into account the changes made with Edit Bet.

Terms and Conditions In Addition:

In case 1 selection is under min odd (including the voids), the bet is downgraded to -1 selection.


If a selection is lower than the minimum odds or if a selection is canceled, postponed, voided, or calculated with the odds of 1, the bet is demoted by 1 selection. For example: if 1 selection out of 8 is canceled, the winning will be demoted to the category of 7 selections.


Your cash bonus will be calculated automatically, at the same time as the bet.


The maximum possible winning in the current promotion is €20,000.


Each Player participating in this promotion approves that they have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


In the case of technical problems, Ditobet reserves the right to withhold the winning.


Ditobet reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time and to cancel any bet if the Player uses prohibited gaming methods.


All General Terms and Conditions apply.