How To Bet on Volleyball For Beginners

Volleyball Betting in the Philippines

Millions of people all around the world enjoy the sport of volleyball, making it the sixth most popular activity overall. Initiated in 1895 by William G. Morgan as an alternative to basketball for those who found it too difficult, volleyball is a team sport that relies on speed, agility, and teamwork. Since then, betting on volleyball has grown into a multimillion-dollar industry, with sportsbooks allowing bets on both international and domestic events. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of placing wagers on volleyball and introduce you to the most important betting options.

Understanding Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting at an online sportsbook is a common pastime. Due to the nature of the sport, bets can be placed on the outcome of the match as a whole or on an individual player. You should realize that there are many kinds of volleyball before you start betting on it, such as indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, and Wallyball, a faster version of the game.


Betting on volleyball is no different from betting on any other sport in that it includes picking an event, perusing the markets, weighing the odds, and making a prediction. Put down a real cash wager before submitting your wager. The type of sportsbook you choose makes a difference when placing wagers on volleyball. You should think about using a bookmaker that provides extensive sporting events coverage. The Olympic Games, the Beach Volleyball World Championships, and other top-tier tournaments from local and international leagues should all be available.

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How Odds Work in Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting is common because of the close odds. The odds posted by sportsbooks reflect the probability of an on-court or off-court occurrence. When the odds are low, it’s likely that anything will happen, whereas when they’re high, it’s quite unlikely. The odds can also be used to identify the favorites and the underdogs.


The amount you gain on a winning bet is calculated by the operator by multiplying the odds by your investment. It’s important to remember that volleyball betting companies provide a variety of odds options to cater to their users. You have the option of changing the odds format to a more practical decimal, fractional, European, or Hong Kong format.

Popular Volleyball Betting Markets to be Considered​

Volleyball betting markets are a major aspect of the online gambling industry, perhaps more so than odds. When placing a bet, they determine the extent to which you can make certain assertions about the outcome. Before placing a wager on a volleyball game, ensure you are familiar with all the primary betting choices. Some of the most well-known marketplaces are described here.

Outright Bets

One of the most common wagering options in volleyball is the “outright” or picking the champion without any further competition. Consider the European Champions League as an illustration. If your prediction of Kedzierzyn-victory Kozle’s in the tournament turns out to be correct, you’ll get a respectable payment.

Hence a lot of factors to consider in outright markets, the odds are usually relatively high. It makes it more challenging for players to complete their due diligence before betting, reducing the likelihood that they will make informed decisions.

Handicap Betting

When one team is considered to have a greater chance of winning than the other, a handicap betting market is created. The operator of such a game would apply a handicap to the player considered the clear favorite to provide a fair playing field.

As a result, when betting on the favorite, they’ll need to cover the spread. The Japan–Netherlands indoor volleyball match is an excellent illustration of this. As the more formidable side, Japan’s volleyball squad will be given a +1.5 advantage. So, for your wager to pay off, Japan must win by at least two sets. If you want better odds on your favorite, handicap betting is the way.

Over/Under Bets

Total points scored in a volleyball game are a prominent market in over/under betting. It might be one set or the whole match. Your job is to guess whether the final score will be above or below a given threshold.

It is possible to wager on whether the total number of points scored in the first set of a FIVB Nations League match or not, between Serbia and Bulgaria, will be Over or Under 45.5. If you bet Over 45.5, you will collect if the total points scored in the first set are 46 or higher. You don’t have to predict the exact score for your bet to come through, unlike in the Correct Score market.

Points Betting

Points betting resembles the Over/Under market. Ultimately, it involves gambling on the total amount of points achieved in a volleyball match. You can wager that the final score of the match between Russia and Slovenia will be +100.5. For this wager to be successful, the total points scored by both teams must exceed 1101.

Additionally, you may gamble on the total points to be less than 100.5. In this instance, you can only win if both teams score fewer than 100 points. If you cannot predict exactly how many points will be scored, this is one of the greatest betting markets.

How Exactly Does Live Betting on Volleyball Work?

The two types of online sports betting are in-play and pre-match betting. In-play betting involves betting on volleyball matches that have already begun. For instance, live betting is available on the FIVB Men’s Nations League match between Iran and Cuba. This type of betting involves live markets and odds whose value changes as the event continues.

Therefore, to handle live betting, you must be able to interpret current betting lines. Additionally, you must know how to research to boost your odds of placing successful bets. You may watch live volleyball events if you are fortunate enough to find a reliable online sports betting service. This function, called live streaming, makes it simple to get crucial facts that will be used when placing live bets.

Live Betting

The Most Common Volleyball Tournaments to Bet On

Volleyball’s rapid rise in popularity has led to an increase of events played in other countries. The following competitions are highly regarded and are divided into two categories: international and local tournaments.

FIVB World Cup

The FIVB World Cup has been one of the best volleyball tournaments since its inception in 1965. We needed this competition to bridge the gap between the Olympics and the best volleyball tournaments, so we made it! The inaugural FIVB World Cup was a men-only event. No women were allowed to compete in the event until 1973. The best volleyball teams in the world gather every four years for the FIVB World Cup, proving the tournament’s prestige over the years.

FIVB World Championship

One of the most renowned international competitions for both men and women is the FIVB World Championship. This competition first took place in 1949, in advance of the inaugural FIVB World Cup. The Soviet Union has dominated the competition since it first began.

FIVB Volleyball World League

CPBL is the top professional baseball league in Taiwan and has gained popularity among baseball bettors in recent years. With four teams playing 120 games each season, CPBL offers a variety of betting markets, including moneyline bets, over/under bets, and prop bets. CPBL is known for its fast-paced, high-scoring games, and exciting young players.

Olympic Games

It took American professor William G. Morgan 70 years to bring volleyball to the Olympics, but it didn’t stop the rest of the world from playing it! Volleyball was first shown in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris but wasn’t officially recognized as a major sport until 1948. Volleyball was officially recognized as a sport by the IOC in 1964, and Since then, it has traditionally been included in the Olympic Games.

NORCECA Championship

An elite volleyball competition, the NORCECA Championship has been running since 1969. The North, Central American, and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation hosts an annual tournament that is known to be one of the most challenging in the sport. In 1969, Mexico City played host to the first event.

Overall, the most popular baseball league for betting is likely to be Major League Baseball (MLB), due to its popularity and the vast number of betting markets available. However, the other leagues mentioned above also offer plenty of opportunities for baseball betting, and each league has its unique style of play and betting markets to consider.

Volleyball Betting Tips And Strategies

Strategy is everything when it comes to betting on volleyball games. If you want to maximize your chances when making profitable bets on volleyball, this section will provide you with some of the best advice available. The tactics can also help you manage your bankroll, decreasing the likelihood that sports betting will completely wipe you out financially.
Bet on multiple outcomes

Always Keep an Eye Out for the Best Odds to Bet

Finding the optimal odds is a crucial part of any successful betting strategy, and volleyball is no exception. In order to accomplish this, it is possible to check the chances of winning at several sportsbooks. After all, with high odds, you might expect to win big money everytime you make a winning bet. You should be able to find volleyball odds anywhere from 1.20 to 100.00 at a reputable bookmaker. In certain markets, you may find chances of up to 1500.00.

Learn From Expert Volleyball Predictions

Follow Volleyball Bettors and their professional predictions every time you place a bet on volleyball. To see a volleyball game from this angle is a unique experience. Therefore, your chances of producing reliable predictions will improve. It’s a great method for verifying the results of your investigation. Only use reputable sources of information, though.

Enjoy Even the Slightest Profits

Placing a bet on a sporting event is a game of pure chance. So, enjoy even the little achievements and gains. You may have fun with volleyball betting in this method. Betting motivation might suffer if you just focus on big wins and never take pleasure in the little ones. This is a vital piece of advice for any bettor, but especially for novices, when it comes to the sport of volleyball.

By following these expert volleyball betting tips, you can increase your chances of making profitable wagers and enjoying a more rewarding betting experience overall.

Frequently Ask Questions

The most popular volleyball bets are moneyline bets, set betting, and point spread bets. These bets allow you to bet on the outcome of the game, sets, or points.

Yes, many sportsbooks offer betting on international volleyball matches. Make sure to research the teams and tournaments before placing your bets.

Some important factors to consider when betting on volleyball include team rankings, player injuries, past performance, playing style, and home advantage.

Yes, many sportsbooks offer live betting for volleyball matches. Live betting allows you to place bets during the game, adjusting your strategy based on the progress of the match.

It’s important to shop around and compare odds from different sportsbooks. Look for reputable sportsbooks that offer competitive odds and special promotions for volleyball betting. Keep in mind that odds can fluctuate based on team performance and other factors, so be sure to monitor them regularly before placing your bets.