TOTO BET Bonus MELBET Bonus and Promotions


Make a free TOTO prediction then place any bet on a sporting event to receive bonuses!


Take part in our lucky day numbers raffle and win 500 promo points!

A new special offer

Melbet offers a daily TOTO bet slip combining top sporting events.


TOTO bet slip – the customer must determine the results of the 12 events specified, submitting this as a free prediction once done. On the TOTO bet slip, results are represented as:


“1” for Home Win

“2” for Away Win

“X” for Draw


Only one outcome can select for each event.


Predictions accept until the first match includes in the TOTO starts. Bet slips submitted after the first TOTO match has started will be deemed invalid.


A TOTO bet slip goes live when the first match include in the TOTO selection starts (actual time, not scheduled time).

Matches deemed void are not taken into account. The start dates and times of the matches shown on the bet slip are for information purposes only. An incorrectly stated event time is not regarded as a reason for the cancellation of the bet.


If an event considers void, all the outcomes of this event in all bet slips are considered winning.


one or more events are considered void:


4 or more events are considered void, a TOTO bet is regarded as canceled.


3 events are considered void, no points are awarded for 8 and 9 correctly predicted outcomes.


1 or 2 events are considered void, no points are awarded for 8 correctly predicted outcomes.


A match included in a TOTO bet slip is considered void if it is regarded as void according to the rules of Melbet.


Winnings distribution:

100 bonus points are awarded for 8 correctly predicted outcomes


250 bonus points are awarded for 9 correctly predicted outcomes


1000 bonus points are awarded for 10 correctly predicted outcomes


3000 bonus points are awarded for 11 correctly predicted outcomes


7000 bonus points are awarded for 12 correctly predicted outcomes

How does it work?

A new round of TOTO is held every day.


Make your prediction for free.


Before a TOTO draw starts, confirm your free TOTO prediction by placing a bet on a sporting event. The minimum stake to confirm your prediction is 129.21 PHP, and the odds must be 2 or higher.


Only the first bet placed after your TOTO prediction has been made will count as confirmation of that prediction. Bets placed using promo codes and bonus points and Advancebets, sold bets, bets refunded at odds of 1.00, and system bets will not count as confirmation of a TOTO prediction.


You can make only one prediction per day.


Wait for the daily TOTO draw.


A list of previous rounds can be found on the TOTO “List of draws” page.


Receive your bonus points in your Promo Code Store account within an hour after the last TOTO match has ended.

Terms and Conditions

Melbet reserves the right to refuse a free TOTO bet to a customer where the Betting Company reasonably believes that said customer has historically or is currently abusing or defrauding the system, for example by engaging in arbitrage.


You must be over 18 years of age to open an account with the Betting Company.

The Company has the right to cancel or withdraw this offer or change any of its terms at any time without notifying or giving a reason. The company also reserves the right not to allow certain account holders to take part in this promotion.


The company maintains a strict policy of only one account per customer and uses a number of internal security systems to identify this. In this regard, in order to avoid the potential for abuse, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse to provide a free bet bonus in the following cases:


1. sharing the same IP addresses;


2. accounts belonging to the same family and/or household;

Terms and Conditions in Addition

3. accounts sharing common contact details or an identifier (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number, credit/debit card number, or other payment details);


4. multiple accounts belonging to the same person;


5. breach of any of our bonus terms and conditions;


6. evidence of collusion between customers in placing bets.


7. The present offer is valid only for Melbet customers.


Melbet is the sole arbiter of this promotion and its decision is final and binding. Melbet further reserves the right to request satisfactory ID documentation from any customer prior to them being credited with a free bet.


This offer only applies to a customer’s first account (their profile in My Account must be completed in full and their phone number must be activated) and will not apply to any subsequently opened accounts. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. If you have any questions regarding bonuses, please contact our customer support.